Welcome to PSG Art Work

My name is Kara. I’m the artist of this website.
I have a passion for painting and drawing, I’m mostly self taught, a lot from watching YouTube and some from drawing books, I started several years ago as a child, I’ll be 15 this year.
My drawings are in graphite, water color or polychromos by Faber Castell. My paintings are done in Acrylics on a white canvas or Oil Paintings on White or Black Canvas.
Hope you enjoy the paintings.


Click on the paintings to see the related post with start to finish photos

Kara's Painting of her neighbor's Chihuahua CompletedKara's Painting of Pie the ParrotKara's Painting of a Scotty Dog with red poppies for Remembrance DayKara's Painting of her neighbor's Two Dogs CompletedKara's Painting of Brutus the PugKara's Painting of a Giraffe headKara's Painting of a Pitbull with a hankerchief around his neckKara's painting of a Tiger cubKara's Painting of Pepper the cat in abstract colorsKara's Painting of our dog Jake sitting by with the Window with colorful night skyHand drawing of grandparents pet Shih Tzu named Mouse

Kara's 2 piece oil painting side one is a man walking in the woods, side 2 is the horse walking in the woods